Visitor feedback 2023


"I have been coming to MITT since 1994. I haven’t missed a single show, except for 2020, when it was MITT that missed us. What is so good about this venue? Every year when I come here I meet people I met ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. There are even people I met twenty-five years ago. Certainly, it has changed: MITT today isn’t about paper business cards, it’s high-tech, but it is still the same meeting place it used to be. Everyone is here: Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia. There is no better opportunity for someone from a Russian region to come to Moscow and see everyone at once. In just one or two days, today and tomorrow, I get to meet all my partners. What will happen in the summer, where the tourists will go, what countries they will go to – all that is decided here and now. So MITT is just as relevant as it has always been. Yes, there are exhibitions that compete with it, but MITT is still the number one tourist exhibition in Russia, just as it has been for 25 years".

Alexan Mkrtchyan, MITT exhibition visitor, Moscow (General Director of Pink Elephant travel agency network and Vice President of the Association of Travel Agencies)


"I am discovering new horizons and directions here today at the MITT travel exhibition. Our travel company Kaleidoscope is based in the city of Novouralsk, which has restricted access to visitors and that entails special challenges for us. I come here every year to make new contacts and find new partners, which has been especially important after the pandemic. And also to find new destinations for holidaymakers from our city. MITT is a great place for new contacts, communicating with colleagues, finding new directions and deals, and making profitable contracts".

Elena Putilova, MITT exhibition visitor (General Director of Kaleidoscope travel agency, Novouralsk)