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Share details about the participation of India and welcome Sri Lanka as a part of the exposition

Sri Lanka is located on the coast of India. Due to this factor, these two countries have a lot of similarities closely connected with climate and culture. The core value of the island is ancient towns where tourists can find temple buildings representing a history of several centuries. There are a lot of sacred relics related to Buddhism. Referring to legends in this place Gautama Buddha lived and gained enlightenment. Nature lovers will admire the wide range of animals and birds dwelling in nature reserves. Among naturalists the island is famous for keeping the largest population of wild elephants in the world.

Indian elephants on the island of Sri Lanka

India’s participation was announced by the Ministry of Tourism of the country. The representatives will share the information about travel trends for holidays. There will be demonstrated regions of the country which enjoy great popularity among tourists and give unforgettable impressions for guests of India.

Goa. This Indian state has become a mecca for beach holiday. The perfect place to be distracted from noisy cities, and study Ayurveda and other healing practices which are traditional for the region. Widespread popularity of this part of Indian coast has got due to legendary open-air parties. In these events was emanated electronic genre – goa trance. The guests of the state will get comfortable beaches that can be extended for several tens of kilometers, good transport accessibility, and hotels for every taste and budget.

Beach holidays in Goa

Kerala is the other region located along the coast of Hindustan. White sand on the beach and high palms adjoin forests and land. It is the most idyllic region of India. It is considered a place with a calm level of life. Because of this factor there are several religions existing together. The resort program creates maximum relaxation and union with nature. Due to an abundance of greenery and closeness of the sea the climate in Kerala is especially mild. It contributes to great rest.

Tropical forests of Kerala

Uttar Pradesh will be interesting for tourists who would like to learn about the culture of India. The region has an essential part in the history of the country. In the region, there are signs of religion and political militants. In the 20th century this place was the main center of the independence movement of India from the British Empire. Local dialect became the base of forming literary hindi used as governmental standard among many regional variations. Uttar Pradesh is more essential as a house of the most famous symbol of India – taj mahal mosques. The undeniable beauty and legendary history of which have attracted travelers from all over the world to this land for many centuries.

The Taj Mahal Mosque in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is not so popular among tourists as the other regions but it contributes to learning all things about true India. The region is located in the center of the country. It keeps the heritage of all cultures and states which have ever existed. In Madhya Pradesh you can find evidence of ancient people`s life. The bright example is old rock carvings that have existed for more than ten thousand years. The stupas at Sanchi, which saw the birth of Buddhism, and the hand-carved prayer caves used by the ancient Hindus have been preserved in excellent condition. These unique monuments are waiting for researchers interested in the true history of India and its countless cultures.

Historical temples of Madhya Pradesh

The Southernmost region of India is Tamil Nadu. It takes second place in the rate of industrial towns. What is more, the state proceeds with keeping local traditional cultures. Among local people English is a limited language for them. Nonetheless, the difficulties in the communication should be neglected for unique architecture represented widely in the temple cities. At the territory of the state can be found western and eastern ghats. They are a mountain system located over the peninsula covered deciduous rainforests, tea and coffee plantations. The Southern end of Hindustan has the cape called Comorin, located at the confluence of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, and right next to it is a small island with a memorial complex of the significant philosopher Swami Vivekananda, popular among religious pilgrims and yoga followers.

Vivekananda Memorial in Tamil Nadu

Attend the stands of India and Sri lanka at MITT 2023 to learn more about the riches of South Asia.

One of the leaders of cruise sphere in Russia «DONINTURFLOT» at MITT 2023
The company of organization European level river cruises will join to the exposition

«Doninturflot» – one of the leaders of the cruise sphere in Russia. More than 30 years the company has made cruises of premium level.

«DONINTURFLOT» river cruises

All 10 liners of «Doninturflot» were concisely chosen by the wide range of parameters distinguishing the level of comfort for passengers. All vessels were completely modernized. They are perfect modern cruise liners conforming with all requirements of safety. High standards of qualities, accepted in «Doninturflot», and constant improvement of the service on board makes the cruise an unforgettable journey for every passenger.

«Doninturflot» has an invaluable experience of the organization of river cruises on all shipping lines of the European part of Russia. Every route is selected considering a number of features which provide complete rest and active holiday for the guests of liners. The team creates the ideal combination of magnificent panoramas, fascinating excursions in the most interesting cities and vivid impressions from the journey emanating on the board.

The other significant feature of «Doninturflot» which highlights this company among others is the attention to the program of cruises. A guest does not need to get off the boat during the journey to get a multitude of unforgettable positive emotions.

A rich animation for passengers of all ages, healthy programs, professional restaurant service and rich menu considered all client's wishes. The service of European level is best adapted to the requirements of Russian clients. Due to these factors the guests of «Doninturflot» return to the services of the company, recommend to their friends and leave positive feedback using different platforms.

Nowadays the world news makes the river cruise holiday in Russia more popular. Every member of the sphere is becoming an ambassador. Due to him a client forms his own impression about river cruises in Russia in general. Thus, the team of «Doninturflot» supports the idea to share the knowledge and experience with other participants of the sphere. It contributes to using all potential of other companies, avoiding mistakes and creating products satisfying Russian client's interests.

Attend the stand of «Doninturflot» and estimate the offers.

*8 (800) 555-05-33 (toll-free within Russia)
*Sales offices:
*Rostov-on-Don, st. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 89
*Moscow, st. Alabyana, 5 (Sokol metro station)


The exhibition venue is particularly completed

Among local industry representatives of tourism and hospitality the area is actively completed by Tomsk region, the Republic of Khakassia, Udmurtia, the Chuvash Republic and the Mari El Republic. This year the stands of Russian exponents traditionally will take place in the third hall of the first pavilion.

Participants of MITT 2023

Participants from Russia are not inferior to foreign representatives of the tourism industry: Tanzania, Thailand and Malaysia have already joined Turkey, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Iran, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Among exhibition structures located in the fourth hall the central element will become the stand of India. Here all interested people will be able to reveal for themselves the tourism potential and national features of colorful and popular Indian resorts - Goa, Kerala and many others.

The features of MITT 2023 will be several new spheres such as grampling. This type of ecotourism demonstrates the actual aims – to give tourists the opportunity to spend their time in nature and enjoy habitual comfort. In this part of exposition there are such companies as MODOM, Arh.Bro, Enjoy, Dome Hall, Art House Center, FREEDOME and Panarctic Group. For manufacturers of modular houses and constructions for glamping will hold the focal session within the business program.

The program of MITT includes more than 15 thematic sessions. They are conferences, presentations, discussions and educational seminars that will be held during three days. The leaders of the market and industry experts will tell in detail about the trends in the sphere of tourism and hospitality industry, will share development forecasts of the sphere and the experience of development for a company in the modern world.

Moreover, for the first time MITT 2023 will open the door for tourists. Within the business program on the 18th of March the participants are going to represent them special offers for holidays, unlimited possibilities of Russian regions and international destinations: from well-known travel routes to unusual formats that are gaining popularity.

Participants of MITT 2023

Thailand will participate in MITT 2023

The Kingdom of Thailand will again demonstrate its stand on international exhibition MITT 2023

Island beaches, ancient temples, a magnificent underwater world, unique cuisine - all this is about Thailand. One of the most popular countries for tourism among Russians in Southeast Asia has confirmed its participation in the 29th International Exhibition of Tourism and Hospitality Industry MITT.

Thailand attracts tourists to its warm climate. From November until February, the air is dry and not hot as in spring and summer. During the rainy season tropical downpours last nearly half an hour, another part of the day the sun is shining.

The country is full of beaches and landscapes. On the beaches of Krabi province you can see white sand, palm trees, rocks and azure sea. One of the most popular resorts among tourists is Ao Nang. It will become the best place for diving and snorkeling. On Phuket you can find impeccable beaches which are similar to Krabi and a variety of entertainment like in Pattaya. For example, the resort of Patong is even called the “Asian capital of parties”, and on Kamala Beach you can stay alone with nature.

Thailand at MITT 2023

Holidays in Thailand are also a wide range of activities. Here tourists can simply sunbathe on the coast, enjoy nature, visit the numerous national wildlife reserves and ancient temples, go for a Thai massage, swim near the coral reefs, and go windsurfing or diving. During the last one you will discover the amazing underwater world of Thailand with its outlandish inhabitants: whale and leopard sharks, stingrays and moray eels.

Thailand at MITT 2023

Another hallmark of Thailand is its cuisine. The combination of seafood, fresh and fragrant herbs, bright spices, rice and unusual soups leave almost no one indifferent.

Thailand to participate in MITT 2023

You can learn more about the culture of Thailand at the stand of the country during the MITT 2023 show.

We are waiting for you on 16-18 of March at the Crocus Expo IEC.

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