Media centre

Here you can download MITT 2025 promotional materials

NB: By downloading the promotional materials, you agree to use them with accordance of the technical rules of the exhibition *.

*Technical rules

The following are prohibited:

  • Making changes to advertising material, distorting the proportions, or adding additional information
  • Changing the original colours or colour palette
  • Using just a particular part
  • Placing transparent adverts on a coloured background
  • Applying filters or effects to adverts
  • Adding a border to the logo
  • Using the logo and advertising material with a width of less than 1.5 cm / 60px
  • Using a image of less than 300dpi for layout and design of printed adverts
  • Changing the link on online banners

All online advertising material shall include a hyperlink to the MITT website ( or to one of its internal pages.