Exhibitor feedback 2023


"We are always very glad to take part in MITT and in 2023 we are particularly pleased to be a strategic partner of the exhibition for the second year in a row. MITT is a platform where tour operators, travel agents and hoteliers from our Republic can meet and build contacts with other regions of the Russian Federation and with international partners. We always prepare for MITT in advance and I am very grateful to the organizers for all their work. The exhibition offers a wealth of opportunities. We encourage everyone in our travel and tourist community to take part in MITT and their involvement in the exhibition expands year by year. The number of tour operators working in Dagestan is on the increase, and this is largely due to platforms such as MITT where they can build relationships with partners from other regions".

Emin Merdanov, Minister for Tourism and Folk Crafts of the Republic of Dagestan
(*The Republic of Dagestan is a Strategic Partner of MITT 2023)


"Krasnodar Territory is a regular participant at MITT. Our stand at the exhibition is always one of the biggest and even more so this year when we have brought more than fifty representatives of the tourism business in Krasnodar to MITT, including tour operators, sanatoria, hotels and recreation facilities, as well as local administrations of the districts where our main holiday resorts are located. Participation in the exhibition gives the Territory and its businesses the opportunity to enter into contracts, establish personal relationships and build bridges with new partners. This year we expect to make of lot of new agreements and bring ourselves to the attention of regions, which we have not cooperated with before. It’s going to be a good year!"

Yulia Begletsova, Deputy Head of the Information Support Department at the Ministry for Resorts, Tourism and Olympic Heritage in Krasnodar Krai


"It is a long time since we last took part in MITT, but we decided that we need to be here in 2023. Our pockets are full of business cards and I will be here all day transferring these business cards to my contact list. Going forward, we have already agreed with partners, national tour operators and colleagues from other regions to discuss details of the plans we have made together. It is curious that there are two exhibitions going on at once this year – Intourmarket and MITT. But the customer (us included) chooses which is better, more efficient and more interesting. It’s amazing how many people there are here! If they come, they must need to come and if they are coming in such numbers the industry certainly has life in it".

Dmitry Krasnov, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Chuvashia


"For us as a region, this is an opportunity to promote tourism, to tell people about our new projects and to make new contacts. So many thanks to all of the exhibition participants and to the organizers who do a great job promoting MITT. We see lots of new faces, impressive new stands and, most importantly, plenty of potential visitors to Moscow Region".

Anastasia Savchenko, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Department, Tourism Committee of Moscow Region


"The MITT exhibition is an unmissable event for the tourism industry, not only for regions to exchange experience and learn about new products, but most importantly, it’s where business gets done. People make business deals and plan future projects here. And most importantly, all this happens at MITT with the support of government, Russian regions and municipalities, so that we are all reading from the same page. We have made many and various agreements for implementation of joint projects and products in Nizhny Novgorod Region at MITT and, crucially, these aren’t just signatures on pieces of paper – they specify details and deadlines for implementation. Thank you for this unique platform where tourism and hospitality professionals can get together and make contracts for the coming year. See you at the next MITT!"

Sergey Yakovlev, Minister for Tourism and Folk Crafts, Nizhny Novgorod Region


"The Republic of Khakassia is making its debut at MITT in 2023. This is a platform that lets us establish contacts with the tourism industry and promote the region at a higher level. We’ve titled our stand at MITT 2023 “On the Path of Ancestors” because the Republic of Khakassia, located in Southern Siberia, has a rich historical and cultural heritage, which we are proud of. We have been impressed by the number of meaningful contacts that we have made thanks to presenting a stand at MITT for the first time. It has been really useful. Our sincere thanks to the MITT organizers and we look forward to seeing you in sunny Khakassia!"

Irina Deryusheva, Director of the Tourist Information Center of the Republic of Khakassia
(*The Republic of Khakassia is an Opening Ceremony Partner of MITT 2023)


"The MITT exhibition is a great occasion for bringing together professionals from the entire travel community. That is especially valuable after the long COVID years. We were very pleased by the interest in Tunisia at this year’s MITT".

Gouider Neji, Representative in Russia & CIS, Tunisian National Tourism Office


"The Republic of Tyva is taking part in MITT for the third year in a row. This is definitely one of the top tourism business events. It’s the place where our colleagues from tour operators, hotels and holiday facilities find new partners and make agreements, and that is the best way to increase the number of people coming to visit and relax in our Region".

Nadezhda Kyzyldaa, Director of the Tourist Information Center of the Republic of Tyva

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