The Moscow International Travel & Hospitality Show (MITT for short) is one of the biggest industry-specific events in Russia. MITT covers all aspects of the travel and hospitality business in Russia and beyond. Glamping (glamour plus camping, or outdoor recreation in comfort) is a major new addition to the MITT offering.

Zhanna Kira

"MITT encourages ambitious solutions. It is a source of new ideas and a friendly atmosphere for finding new partners and new clients".

Zhanna Kira, President of the Russian Glamping Association.

The Russian Glamping Association
partner of the Glamping section of the MITT exhibition.

Glamping at MITT

The leading Russian glamping firms (including tent and prefab manufacturers) were all present at MITT 2023: Arh.Bro, ECETERA, Enjoy, FREEDOME, Vazuza Love, WinWin, Arthouse Centre, Gefest, Kupol Hall, MODOM, Monza.

A survey at MITT 2023 found that 22% of all unique visitors to the show (3284 tourism industry experts) are interested in glamping-type accommodation. So there has been a surge of interest in glamping in Russia.

Visualization has a special role in the glamping business. Glamping tents are large: manufacturers cannot send a sample to every possible customer, and interested customers cannot travel to every possible supplier. MITT is the perfect place for equipment makers to show their wares and for potential buyers to assess them. Exhibition participants can also show glamping products and services at special thematic events as part of the MITT business program.

MITT is the place for glamping firms to show what this new type of leisure can offer. It is the place to raise public awareness of glamping, find new business partners, strengthen bonds with long-term partners and generally promote your company on the tourism and hospitality market.