Exhibitor feedback

Uniktur, Norway

In my opinion, MITT is the best option to present my company on the Russian market and to find partners for collaboration – tour operators, agencies. I am very satisfied, I really wasn’t expecting such interest in Norway and my company. We worked liked crazy for the first two days!
— Radmila Yakobsen, Uniktur Norway

Le Grand Travel Group, Greece

This year has been better than the previous exhibitions I’ve attended. There are more agencies visiting and we’re having more serious discussions. So I think it’s been very successful.
— Tatiana Karpikova, Le Grand Travel Group, Greece

Nexus Holidays, China

We were a new exhibitor in 2017 and decided to come back after a good first show to make new contacts, partners, creation of new tours and grow awareness of our company. We’ve already made new partners and are happy with the result.
— Alexandra Pozdnyakova, Nexus Holidays, China

Holiday Club Resorts, Finland

We have met both current and new tour operators. There has been a lot of interest in Finland from the Russian market and we are optimistic for future business. We are looking to promote our spa hotels for year round tourism which has been a successful exercise.
— Marja Kotamaki, Sales Director, Holiday Club Resorts, Finland

Lazorica Travel & Services, Portugal

We are a Portuguese DMC dedicated to bringing Russian speaking tourists from Russia & the CIS to the Azores. We’ve had non-stop meetings and requests the last few days and have made many new contacts. Our first few years were more brand awareness but we’re now seeing more detailed enquiries and bookings every year – we’re out of business cards and leaflets! We will definitely be back next year.
— Irina Macit, Lazorica Travel & Services, Portugal

Janske Lasne, Czech Republic

We've been pleased with the exhibition and it’s better than last year. We’ve seen a lot more visitors, which is very important for us.
— Svitlana Grushovskaya, Commercial Officer, Janske Lasne, Czech Republic

SvetoPolis Hotel Balneo & Spa, Bulgaria

We see a different type of client at MITT than at other shows: clients who are genuinely interested in what we're offering. At other large shows we see people coming and taking our freebies, whereas here people are taking a closer look and ask for our business cards. That's the difference between MITT and other exhibitions, it's a more targeted visitor audience.
— Ivan Tsvetkov, SvetoPolis Hotel Balneo & Spa, Bulgaria

Adelais Bay Hotel, Cyprus

The Russian market is very important, we get very good quality clients. The timing of MITT offers a crucial period to understand tour operators’ perspective on the upcoming summer season and anticipate the trends. We’ve seen a lot of people, our partners and tour operators.
— Andreas-Louis Yiannaki, General Manager, Adelais Bay Hotel, Cyprus

Valencia Tourism

The good thing about the exhibition is that everyone is here so we have the chance to meet absolutely everyone. It’s easier to meet them all in one place than try to visit them one by one. If you are interested in the Russian market you have to be here.
— David Gomez, Market Manager UK, Ireland, Russia & Scandinavia, Valencia Tourism

Sardinia Region

The Region of Sardinia has been participating in MITT for years and is one of the most loyal Italian regions at MITT. That's why professional visitors have rewarded the island by visiting the Sardinian Stand in a big number. This year, as many as 20 Sardinian tourism operators participated in the event with positive results, thanks also to new direct flights between Moscow and the various Sardinian airports.
— Constantino Nardi, Sardinia Region

Visit Azores

We believe that this market has huge potential. It has been packed the last two days with lots of people interested in selling Azores. We are optimistic for 2018, we think we will have a lot of work!
— Joao Pedro Barbosa, Market Manager, Visit Azores


If you want to be seen and be present on the Russian market you have to be at MITT. Both Visit Norway and its Norwegian partners appreciate being at MITT 2018 because it’s the most important event in Russia and we are looking forward to a good and fruitful season. You have to be here to be seen.
— Olga Philippenko, Director of Tourism, Russia, Visit Norway


MITT is the biggest fair in Russia, one of the top five in the world and we have a lot of tourism organisations in our country that are interested in coming here to make contacts and get a feel for the market for the coming summer. This is the best place to have these conversations. MITT is the perfect fair to promote our destination in Russia.
— Luis Boves Martín, Moscow Office Director, Turespaña


We are participating in MITT exhibition the 23rd or 24th time. We consider it one of the major tourist events in the Russian market. Every year we are happy with the results of the exhibition as well as this year. This exhibition helps us, because every year I can see the success of the exhibition. We are satisfied with our results, with the number and the quantity of visitors every year and I think this year is very successful.
— Cyprus Tourism Organisation

Tourism Marketing Company of Saxony

MITT is our view is one of the top trade shows in the world. Russia is a very interesting emerging market, I can only recommend that every destination interested in inbound business from Russia should be here. If you want Russian business you have to come here to get a feeling for the show. Particularly for companies looking to enter the Russian market because it is picking up so strongly, I can only recommend coming here and meeting the Russian travel agents and tour operators.
— Hans-Jurgen Goller, Managing Director, Tourism Marketing Company of Saxony

Botswana Tourism

MITT has definitely been positive. We are growing as a global village. They say the journey of a thousand steps begins with one and we’re at beginning that journey and we would like to continue doing it.
— Dawsen Ramsden, Marketing Eco-Tourism, Botswana Tourism