Sardinia is a MITT 2020 exhibitor

A land to discover and love

Sardinia is a small continent in the middle of the Mediterranean, an inimitable combination of mild climate, enchanting nature, ancestral traditions and strongly characterized identity. A land to discover and love, which weaves deep ties with its inhabitants and guests. Each of its places is able to surprise and excite, between lights and colors, sounds and scents, each of its territories is an experience to be lived intensely.

The Island is surrounded by almost two thousand kilometers of coasts, always different: stretches of white and soft sand alternate with delightful intimate coves of rocks shaped by time and cliffs that plunge overhanging into clear waters with iridescent colors, from blue to turquoise, from emerald green to deep blue.

From the coast to the hinterland, the step is always short. Green plains, plateaus covered with Mediterranean essences, rolling hills and rugged peaks offer picturesque sceneries. Vast uncontaminated spaces are populated by deer, mouflons, wild horses, flown by golden eagles and dotted with small deserts, lagoons and luxuriant forests, often with millenary trees. An island-park to be discovered with trekking, biking, horseback or Trenino Verde routes.

In the variety of breathtaking landscapes there are suggestive glimpses of villages out of time and a huge open-air archaeological museum is scattered: domus de Janas, menhirs, sacred wells, Tombs of Giants and hundreds of nuragic towers, monuments unique in the world, witnesses of a partly mysterious civilization that lived over three thousand years ago. Deep roots, legend and myth become reality in huge stone statues: the Giants of Mont’e Prama. Thousand-year-old traditions are expressed in religious and secular celebrations, in the flavors of genuine and delicious cuisine and in the aromas of wines. Good food, together with the environment and quality of life, are essential components of the Sardinians longevity.

The ‘land of centenarians’ is good for the mind and body, a wellness break between sandblasting, thalassotherapy, aromatic baths and whirlpools. Sardinia is a perfect destination to active and sportive tourism: from golf to diving, from surfing to sailing.