MITT presents ski equipment by GLOB SPORT

Relevant products can be seen at the online platform created by the company

The Polish company "GLOB" has been producing equipment for ski stations (ski lifts, conveyor belts, snow merry-go-rounds, snow tubing installations) since 1965. He has over 300 implementations all over the world (including Japan, Germany, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Greece). Currently, under a new brand - GLOB SPORT - the company plans to intensify its activities on the markets of Eastern Europe, looking for customers there (ski stations, hotels, ski resorts) and partners (potential distributors).

The leading product GLOB SPORT wants to attract Russian customers to is the MK-I belt conveyor. Its main advantages include easy adaptation to terrain conditions and wide personalization options. The length of the conveyor belt can be smoothly adjusted up to 200 meters, making it perfect for both small ski schools and large resorts.

The quality of GLOB SPORT products has been confirmed by the TUV certificate. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that the Polish manufacturer offers solutions as valuable as German and Austrian companies, but is much more competitive in terms of prices.

Due to the limitations resulting from the pandemic, GLOB SPORT cannot appear at the MITT fair in person, but especially with the guests of this event in mind, it has prepared a platform for the virtual fair, which is located at:

GLOB SPORT website