9% growth in accommodation spend for Russian tourists in 2018

Travel analyst service OneTwoTrip have reported a 9% growth in spend for Russian travellers on holiday.

OneTwoTrip analysed the cost of accommodation for foreign trips booked by users from January-August 2018.

The average cost of one night’s stay across all types of accommodation increased from 7,270 roubles to 7,920 roubles. The strongest rises were recorded in 2 and 3-star hotels – a 12% increase and hostels – 11%.

“The rise in living expenses is primarily dictated by the currency markets,” said Maxim Karaush, Director of Hotels at OneTwoTrip. “We’re also seeing an increase in bookings paid in one instalment, so travellers are insured against possible currency changes. Russian tourists are mainly reacting to increasing costs by booking more affordable accommodation options. This in part explains the growth in prices for budget hotels and hostels.”

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