6 travel industry trends to watch in 2020

Staying on top of the travel trends is key for any business operating in the travel industry.

With tourists and travellers looking for more unique experiences, the sector is changing rapidly and travel businesses must keep up to succeed. 

Here’s 6 of the key trends we expect to see more of in 2020.

Eco tourism

As the climate emergency embeds itself into the public consciousness, more and more people are trying to lessen the impact of their travels. We’ll be seeing more people seeking out less popular destinations to avoid over-tourism, opting for more environmentally conscious accommodation, or doing activities that benefit the local environment and society.

Cash free

While ditching coins and paper notes for payment cards is nothing new, the rise in mobile banking, payment apps and cryptocurrencies mean businesses need to ensure that they’re equipped to take digital payments like never before.

Local experiences

Demand for local experiences has been on the rise for a while but is still a key aspect of how travel is changing. Not only do travellers want an experiential trip rather than remaining in a holiday resort, they’re often looking for authentic local experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. Tourists want to engage with local people, cultures, landscapes and food.


Current levels of data collection and data insights put travel companies at a huge advantage, especially when it comes to marketing. Adverts can be tailored according to a customer’s interests or search history and offered relevant deals. This can often provide a better and more synchronised travel experience for your customers.

Train travel

In line with rising eco-tourism, the Swedish word flygskam or ‘flight shame’ has taken hold and has led to increasing number of passengers travelling by train rather than plane, particularly for domestic journeys. With scenic views, less on-boarding hassle, and fewer carbon emissions per journey, rail travel is on track for growth in 2020.

The gig economy

The rapidly growing gig economy has touched almost every sphere of life and travel services are no exception. From lifts to the airport to food deliveries and Airbnb Experiences, it’s becoming commonplace to cut out the middle man and use a tech-based service. This is something travel companies can capitalise on by embracing, working together, and improving the customer experience. 

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