5 trends for the global travel industry in 2019

Wondering what will be hot in travel this year? Will it be solo trips, exotic honeymoons, or small city-breaks? We explored the world of travel to find five of the biggest trends for 2019.


Not only are more and more people turning to Instagram for holiday inspiration, many travellers are taking entire trips just to capture key photogenic spots to share with their followers.

Over 40% of Millennials now prioritise ‘Instagrammability’ when choosing their next holiday, according to a recent survey by Schofields. So whether it’s white sands, mountain-top views, or quaint old towns, destinations’ picture-worthiness is becoming even more crucial.

With new services such as Flytographer and Shoot My Travel offering local photographers and the world’s first insta-butlers on resorts in the Maldives, this trend is only set to grow.


Off-season travel

In an effort to avoid the crowds and save money, many holiday-makers are taking risks with their holidays, including when they book. Last minute bookings and travelling outside of the traditional holiday seasons are being more common.

Italy in winter, Istanbul in autumn, Lapland in summer; it’s a great chance to see another side of places when they aren’t teeming with crowds. Not only are there many deals to be had on flights and accommodation, tours are often quieter and they offer a more personalised service.


Foodie holidays

This big trend from 2018 is set to stay this year as food and drink play an every-increasing role in where travellers decide to go.

Whether it’s visiting street food markets, sampling local delicacies, or dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, tourists want more of it.

And they also want to learn first hand how to cook local dishes with local ingredients. Sri Lanka is set to be a hot spot for foodies in 2019 – Intrepid Travel has reported a 40% increase in bookings for Sri Lankan food adventures over the past year.


Another major trend on the rise is experiential travel. Doing activities surpasses sunbathing for an increasing amount of tourists. From safaris to gigs, guided tours to outdoor sports, providing opportunities and services for experiences is something local organisations can develop.

Tour operators and other travel companies are seeing more and more requests from those wanting a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience, as more people want to explore the world and try something they can’t do at home.

Responsible travel

UK travel association ABTA is citing responsible travel as the main trend for 2019. Tourists are becoming more aware of the effects of over-tourism in cities like Venice, Amsterdam, and Barcelona, as well as popular beaches and islands closing due to pollution levels.

This has led to a surge in travellers seeking out less popular destinations, as well as opting for more environmentally conscious accommodation, or doing activities that benefit the local society.

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